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CE "Galkran" - lifting equipment service and repair

CE "Galkran" - Greetings!

You've entered the site of CE "Galkran" - the enterprise which holds a leading position in a lifting equipment (cranes, hoists, towers) service and repair industry in all the western region of Ukraine.

Our services are used by the enterprises of all directions and types of activities. We are proud that the largest enterprises of Western Ukraine are our partners, but we spare an identical attention and give the equally high level of services to all the clients.

Geographically CE "Galkran" is located in the city of Lviv which is the center of the western Ukraine giving an ability to solve complex issues which are related to our line with the most operative way.

Our enterprise exercises cranes repairs in Lviv, its region and in the western Ukraine, as well as provide service to the other lifting equipment for 30 years already. The guarantee of this became the high professionalism, the pursuit of the entrusted tasks maximum effective fulfilment and the maximum attention to the details. We will put into practice the projects of practically any complexity in as little time as possible.


Our business card:

CE "Galkran" - lifting equipment (cranes, hoists, towers) service and repairCE "Galkran" - lifting equipment (cranes, hoists, towers) service and repair

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