CE "Galkran" - Lifting equipment (cranes, hoists, towers) service and repair
CE "Galkran" - Lifting equipment (cranes, hoists, towers) service and repair
CE "Galkran" - Lifting equipment (cranes, hoists, towers) service and repairCE "Galkran" - Lifting equipment (cranes, hoists, towers) service and repair
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Collective Enterprise (CE) "Galkran"

Our achievements

The Collective Enterprise (CE) "Galkran" is functioning since 1988. The enterprise celebrated its 30-th anniversary in December, 2018 (1988-2018).

CE "Galkran" is a non-governmental body corporate, an economic institution, an independent, collective enterprise.

The business activity of CE "Galkran" is guided by:

  • the Charter of the enterprise;
  • the Law of Ukraine "On Entrepreneurship";
  • the Law of Ukraine "On Property";
  • the Law "On Enterprises in Ukraine";
  • the Law "On Economic Companies";
  • the Law of Ukraine "On Prices and Price Formation";
  • the Law "On Economic Competition Protection";
  • the Law of Ukraine "On Accounting and Reporting in Ukraine";
  • other laws and Government's resolutions which are related to the activity of our enterprise,
on the basis of licenses and special permissions and the fulfilment of activities certificates in the area of activity which is determined in the Charter of our enterprise.

As the long experience of the economic activity revealed, the right strategy of development was chosen by the CE "Galkran" founders at the time of its creation. As a result, we have become the leading enterprise in lifting machinery diagnosis, service and repairs not only in the city of Lviv, but on the entire territory of the Western Ukraine to date.

The enterprise maintains economic relations with more than 1000 organisations accounting more than 1500 LM units.

The high quality of LM repairs, the responsiveness of the diagnosis, the observance of the low price rates, the constant increase in quality of services and expansion of their spectrum - those are the conditions which contribute to the competitive advantages consolidation and amplification and increase the number of our satisfied clients.

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