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C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  V  E      E  N  T  E  R  P  R  I  S  E 
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Lifting Equipment

We provide service to the lifting equipment (and its elements) of all types, such as:

  • hoisting cranes:
    • truck-mounted/automotive cranes;
    • bridge/overhead cranes;
    • gantry/frame cranes;
    • tower/column cranes;
    • portal/dockside cranes;
    • jib/boom cranes;
    • railway/locomotive cranes;
    • mobile/self-propelled cranes;
  • hydraulic hoists;
  • telescopic towers;
  • manufacturing transport (fillers, loaders);
  • elevators/lifts.

The spectrum of services which are provided by CE "Galkran" is unique and has the widest range on the western Ukraine territory at the moment. These are: inspection, trial, diagnosis, mounting, dismounting, setting up, repair, overhauling etc. of the lifting equipment. Our activity is conducted in such directions:


  • expert inspections (technical diagnosis), partial inspections, complete inspections of the lifting equipment of all types;
  • passport issues for mechanisms;
  • repairs and manufacturing of metal constructions of any complexity;
  • repairs, reconstruction, modernization of the hydraulic and pneumatic units;
  • slewing rings restauration;
  • mounting and dismounting of the hoisting cranes;
  • electrical and electronic equipment, safety equipment repairs of the lifting and special types of mechanisms;
  • lifting equipment control systems modernization (installation of the frequency converters and radio controls);
  • crane rails leveling;
  • repairs and manufacture of mechanical units and parts;
  • turning works (diameter of the components up to 1400 mm), milling operations, components hardening;
  • castings manufacture;
  • washing, sandblastering, painting of the metal constructions;
  • provision of services of the cranes with 75, 50, 32, 10t elevating capability and hoists with 22m та 12m height.


  • steel ropes;
  • cable and textile slings;
  • spare parts for the lifting equipment;
  • restored lifting equipment.

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